Looking for a date this Valentines?

Do you have a Valentine this February? :) If yes, that’s good. If no, then that’s GREAT! Lol. I know it sounds like a lie, but going solo on Valentines doesn’t have to be sad or boring. You can go guy-watching! Don’t use binoculars though. That’s sort of creepy… Instead of that, why don’t you get your eyes checked first? Wait, I need to do that myself…

How can you FIND a Valentine without LOOKING, and how can you LOOK for one without SEEING? And how can you SEE if you have bad vision? XD Hehe! Get your eyes checked, and get your perfect eyeglasses at Zenni Optical :) They have prescription glasses from $6.95, and they’re not of cheap quality.

Now, if you already have perfect vision or if you already have glasses of your own, why don’t you give your “target” a pair of Zenni Optical glasses as a way of saying “You must have really bad vision. I’m right here but you don’t seem to see/notice me~”. You cheesy person, you.

If you are single and you believe in love at first sight, you definitely have to take care of your eyes more. Am I right? =p

Here’s a really cute frame from Zenni Optical: It’s no. #440721 ($29.95)

SEE you later ; )

One Thought on “Looking for a date this Valentines?

  1. Haha!! The title fooled me! I thought you were looking for a date this Valentine’s Day. Hahaha!!


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