Getting By

These days I’ve been watching Hunter X Hunter a lot. After writing my previous post, I thought of rewatching HxH online since I wasn’t really able to watch it after GMA discontinued the program. I’m fangirling over Killua and Hisoka, lol. I love dangerous (and handsome) characters ;D I really think Hisoka is some kind of symbolism for sex and Killua’s name is actually “killer”. That’s really cool~

Anyway, I’ve been a bum these days. Yes, I’ve been very lazy but No, I haven’t been irresponsible anyway. I still did homework, took care of stuff, etc. It’s just that it’s not a busy semester for me right now. I am employed, but not really. I feel like I should maximize my time this non-busy semester though~ I should make good use of this time! What to do? Junk Removal? Hehe. Hey, cleaning up and getting rid of old stuff can be productive!

I’m also broke so I have no idea what I should do first. It’s not easy looking for a job these days :s I’m trying my best, but sometimes that’s not enough =p I’m transferring to a different university soon, so I feel like I’m always chasing a deadline. Wait, I am trying to meet deadlines! What am I talking about =p

Oh well. No matter what happens, I’ll get by. There are times when our lives have to be empty and dark, so we can appreciate it more when our lives become full of blessings and light!

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