Death to Organization

Stéphanie: Randomness is very difficult to achieve… organization always merges back if you don’t pay attention.
Stephane: Death to organization.

— The Science of Sleep (2006)

I wish it was like that for me. I’m the other way around. I try very hard to stay organized, but somehow I still always end up being random. This post contains random thoughts, arranged alphabetically in an attempt to be organized. Sort of. And oh, this is inspired by David Levithan’s novel “The Lover’s Dictionary”, which I have mentioned many times in my previous posts.


alcohol, n.

A few days ago, I tried drinking the first alcoholic drink I have ever willingly drank. I don’t even know what it was exactly. It was mango juice mixed with rum if I remember correctly. I only had one glass, but it sure gave me a nasty headache! Plus, my face became all red. When I went to have my first drink with my friends, I saw this good-looking server who I met when I last went there at the restaurant. So embarrassing. He had to see me all red from one glass of whatever that is I drank.

One thing I’m sure of (at least right now): I act more drunk when I’m sleepy than when I’m intoxicated.


bibliophilia, n.

I consider libraries as my second home. Whenever I go to the library, I rarely go out without borrowing at least one book. Whenever I drop by to look around, I take out like an average of 4 books. I don’t get to read them all. I just pick the interesting ones, take them home and the elimination process begins.

I don’t always like reading. Sometimes it bores me, but most of the time I just really like books. I didn’t put “bookworm” here because I’m not someone who loves reading for what it is. I don’t really enjoy having to read the whole book in order to find out what’s going on. I actually tell my friends sometimes that I wish we find out what a book is about by eating its pages. I read because I like stories, not because I really like reading for its nature or whatever. Still, I feel happy whenever I finish reading a book. It’s like I earned a good story. I worked for it.

Right now, I’m reading my way towards my Goodreads challenge for 2012! I promised myself to read 25 books this year. I have already read 10.


femme, n.

I like being a woman. I enjoy being a woman. I enjoy what some woman these days do: painting faces, shopping, preventing wrinkles as early as possible. I have decided to make another small personal project, something close to a beauty blog called Femme. It’s not only a beauty blog of course. Whatever womanly stuff I want to talk about, I will post there. I’m just getting started over there, but do pay a visit if you have the time! :)


quotations, n.

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I like collecting quotes from everywhere! Movies, songs, poems, novels… even stuff my friends say. Here’s a couple worth sharing:

“i am until i perceive otherwise” — She by Saul Williams

“Human reason can excuse any evil; that is why it’s important that we don’t rely on it.” — Divergent by Veronica Roth

“In no matter what era of human history, including the Garden of Eden, everybody just got here.” — A Man Without A Country by Kurt Vonnegut


smellucinate, v.

I got this term from Urbandictionary. Obviously it’s a portmanteau of the words smell and hallucinate! Sometimes we think we smell something when, really, it’s all in our mind. Smellucination.

These days I find myself smellucinating a lot because I’ve been PMS-ing. I keep eating, bloating, getting depressed for no reason, and I keep craving the most random things which makes me smellucinate. I just really want black pepper beef right now…


university, n.

I got accepted into Simon Fraser University! I’m now officially going to be a Linguistics student. I’m one step closer to my dreams!



  Now let this attempt at organization fail spectacularly!

Here is a random gif from the internets:

Probably the cruelest cake someone can ever eat.