Updates for the Geeks!

Hello, geeks! Haven’t been here in a while. What’s up? :)

I know that some of you guys here are geeky! Admit it lol. Although I’m not really a 100% geek, I like fun geeky stuff. I frequently browse sites like GeekAlerts, ThinkGeek, and PerpetualKid. Too bad the shipping costs are really bad, but I’m sure their Gadgets are really good!

Wanna know what kind of techie stuff I really want to have? Well, I would love to own a pair of videocam glasses and a video recording pen! Also those fake blinking security cameras that you can display in your room; They drive away people who want to steal! But really, I’d love to have stealth cameras. They’re my dream gadgets. Only stalkers like me would love to own one of those. Beware of me, guys. You don’t know what I own! Bwaha.

GeekAlerts is such a neat site! They provide us with updates on cool geeky gadgets. Oh and not only that! They also give us updates on promotions like Apple Store promo codes (who doesn’t like these things? lmao) and Orbitz promotion code. Promo codes are great :3

‘Til next time! I hope I can give you more updates on cool new sites :) Yeehaw.

3 Current Fave Skincare Products

I’m actually happy that this blog is no longer overupdated. PROOF THAT I HAVE A LIFE, Y’ALL~! There’s nothing really special about my life right now, so… let’s forget about my life and talk about


Right now, I only have three favourites:

1.) Lancome Micellar Cleansing Water

I saw this from one of Michelle Phan’s videos, the Layering Skin Care tutorial video. I thought I needed a good make-up remover since my cleanser does not help me completely remove my make-up. I got mine at Sephora for around $45 (with tax?), if I remember correctly. I think it works really well! I just saturate a cotton pad and wipe my whole face. I usually use up to three cotton pads because I find it hard removing eye make-up. I use this on my neck, too. This cleansing water is VERY refreshing, and I must tell you that I looooove how my skin looks and feels like whenever I apply this on my face. Also, you do not need to cleanse or wipe once you’ve applied this on your face. Love it.

2.) Laneige Water Bank essence

I use this hydrating essence to keep my face moisturized from morning ’til evening! I got this for ~$40 (K, fine, $39!) last week from a Laneige stall at the Richmond Summer Night Market (If you plan to go there, just go look for the washroom. It’s around that area lolol). So yes, I’ve only been using this for a week, but my face! My face! My face feels soooo hydrated like crazy. The bottle looks really nice, too, imo. It looks like it’s a bottle of cyborg…saliva… (…..?) Ignore that.

3.) Missha Soft Finish Sun Milk

Perfect for summer, don’t you think!? I bought mine on ebay for… ah, I forgot how much. Just go search it up (can’t you see I’m getting lazy? XD). Just make sure you get an authentic product. Those ebay semi-bastards…

Anyway, I love this one because my face feels really soft when I apply this sun milk all over my face. It doesn’t smell either. I purchased a small bottle of this because when I got a sample of it 2 months ago, I instantly loved it <3 You all need to protect your skin from the suuuuun sun sun~ Try this if you want :D

That’s it! I’m still trying to learn make-up and skin care stuff. These days, I’m like a crazy skin product lady. I apply 8 products on my face every single night. 9, if you count lip balm (and 10 during the days I need to wear a mask). It pays off though, my skin feels really smooth these days. But! It’s still not flawless ;( I need to get rid of/diminish the blackheads on my nose, dark spots (small scars), and dark circles. Sigh D:

By the way, I still haven’t watched the *sob*… LAST HARRY POTTER FILM. I started a HP marathon today. Omg. I have to wait ’til Tuesday T_T

Have fun, y’all!

Get Geeky

Hey all you geektards! I’m kidding. Peace :p

I found this pretty cool website called Geek Alerts Gadget Magazine! It’s a webzine which gives everyone updates on cool new gadgets and geeky stuff similar to the things sold at ThinkGeek or PerpetualKid. Just browsing the whole site is pretty fun and entertaining :) They feature interesting items like geeky doorstops, candles, shower curtains, and mug designs. I think I’m going to browse this site when I need gift ideas. Lol.

Aside from providing new info about geeky stuff, they also offer online coupons to the best online stores out there like Office Depot coupons and Newegg free shipping! There are also Disney, Aeropostale and American Eagle Outfitters coupons there, I believe. Free shipping and discounts for all!!!! Hurray~

I like how GeekAlerts have posts about Domo, Harry Potter, and Hello Kitty products. I’m a huge fan of the kinds of products that they write about. Hihi. Makes me want to spend money. I want this Harry Potter pin set! They also featured a Harry Potter Marauder’s map. That’s so cool. Hahah!

The website theme just needs a little more, hm, spice or features like categories and it’s going to be a lot better. Also, too bad GeekAlerts doesn’t sell anything yet, but who knows maybe one day they’ll start putting up a store, too. Hihi.