5 Small Things I’m Thankful For

1. Books

I thank God for books because books taught me how to think in my own silly way! They also help you imagine things and escape from this boring world we’re in.

2.  Weekly Planners

Without it I feel so disorganized. I’m too forgetful.

3. Twitter

Sometimes I just want to talk to “no one and everyone”. Blah blah blah. Also, lots of awesome people are on Twitter!

4. Music

Who has ears and dislikes music? I love music! Don’t we all? =p Lalala.

5. Cameras

Capture those worthless moments!!!


Happy Thanksgiving! Nom dat Turkey!

Geeky Coupon Codes

Hello again geeks. Nyaha. It’s really weird, but most of my family/relatives’ birthdays are on October! My 2 sisters, ~5 cousins, uncle, and aunt all celebrate their birthday on October. So when it’s October and you want to give gifts… dang. Go on a budget. If you buy one of the celebrants a birthday gift, you’ll have to buy the rest, too, or else they’ll get really jelly =p. If you’re like me, who knows a lot of people whose birthday’s on October, and you want to buy a gift, you should try looking for gifts ideas at GeekAlerts.com where they have Discount Promotion Codes and Cool Gadgets! :) They have awesome coupon codes there! GeekAlerts isn’t really an online shop where you buy stuff, but they have news about cool gadgets. Y’know! To keep you updated on awesome geeky things. You can even try browsing the site just for fun when you are extremely bored! The stuff they post there -like the Public Toilet Survival Kit, Bed fan, Domo kun plush hat-  amuse me. They also have a lot of Doctor Who products for fans out there. Right now they have ProFlowers coupon code and Tire Rack coupon codes that you could use. Go try them out!