School Plans… and Blue Global Media

So today I got a confirmation letter from SFU telling me that, well, the e-mail that I got yesterday was a mistake. I haven’t been accepted YET. I still have to wait for another e-mail in like 3 weeks probably… I already asked SFU about scholarships, or payday loan leads lol, (but I’m not very positive about it) :/ because I don’t have money to pay for my tuition fees and other stuff D: Would a payday affiliate program help? :P I heard it from Blue Global Media. Hehe.

Oh well, I do hope I get accepted at SFU and be granted a scholarship or something. I’m being really ambitious right now. Nobody really told me whether or not it’s easy to get in there (though most people tell me SFU students are competitive), but I’m still going to hope that I get in. What’s making me worry is the fact that I submitted my transcript already when I’m still taking a required q-course (Astronomy) and I didn’t get very good grades back in the Philippines. Oh God, please help me!