Hay Gurl

It’s so hard being a girl :( You really need to take care of your appearance! I just noticed that I’m really starting to act differently. Before, I didn’t really care about how I look. That’s why I looked horrible back then! Whenever I look at my old pics, I tell myself “Why didn’t I see how gross I looked before?!” Now, I try to do my best to look good. Even when I’m wearing simple clothes, like maybe medical uniforms, I try to look my best. If I need to wear scrubs, I think I would even consider buying fashion scrubs so I’d still look cute- haha kidding! It’s tough. I just realized how tough it really is. HAHA. I feel like a late bloomer. I’m sure you all went through those times, too. Right? Or is it just me? D: Lol.

So yeah, anyway, these days I keep wanting to buy wedges (especially floral wedges!), a fedora, sunglasses, maybe even low rise scrub pants, bags, skin and hair products, blah blah. I want!

I think it’s way less expensive being a guy :( Haha but being a girl is still fun :3

HHN Failed Me (Sort of)

Spring semester is coming to an end ;~; Yes. I’m actually sad because I haven’t learned that much this semester. Lol. I’m going to register for the summer term, but I still don’t know which class I’m going to sign up for. I live in Richmond, so I go to my uni’s Richmond campus, but darn it! Most of the courses that I want to take next semester are on the other campus. I can’t really take courses on the main campus because I still need to look after my little sister. I guess I’ll just have to choose other courses for now :s

Anyway, remember my last post? The Human Heart Nature products, yes. Not all of them work for me. Actually, only a few of them do. The hair products do not really help in giving my chemically treated (huhu) hair some moisture. I’m sticking to my current shampoo and conditioner, Garnier Fructis Color Shield. I love that brand, by the way. Haha. Also, I don’t know which product caused me 5 pimples. Yes, 5. Thankfully, those 5 pimples appeared on hidden parts of my face, except for the one on the left side of my chin.

BUT! The facial scrub (the one with a nasty smell) works. It’s pretty good. :) I also like the body butter and the body lotion. The smell is really nice! :D The lipbalm… is okay. Haha.

That’s all for now. See y’all later. Ooh… I want to watch Insidious with friends :)

Human Heart Nature Products!

I got my Human Heart Nature items today! These are items from the Philippines. I’m in Canada so I thought I’ll be receiving then in like a week, but they shipped it very quickly! I received them 2 days after they were shipped.

Before I bought HHN products, I read the reviews. According to most customers, their products smell sort of weird, but they are very effective. I… think they are right. LOL.

You can see the names from the labels, right? :p I know I said I’ll be buying the Balancing Toner and Facial Wash, but I don’t know~ I felt like I need hydrating ones more. :) The Hydrating Toner and Facial Wash smell like laundry soap! I am not kidding, haha. They do smell like laundry soap, or maybe dishwashing soap. Bareta (laundry soap bar?). I’m not sure how effective they are because I’ve only tried it once (just now). When I applied them to my face, it kind of felt softer though. I hope they’re really good :) The shampoo and conditioner both smell really sweet (Mandarin!) I can’t wait to try them.

L-R: Super Fruits and Black Grains Exfoliating Facial Scrub, 2 50 ml bottles of Sunflower Beauty Oil, and a choco-vanilla lip balm! Umm.. the facial scrub is REALLY good, in my opinion, but it smells like kaning baboy (pig food, swill, rice that you would throw away). I know it’s quite mean for me to say that, but it’s true! The nasty smell isn’t too strong though, you’ll be fine. You won’t throw up while scrubbing your face. Anyway, the Sunflower Oil. I heard that it’s a really excellent all-around beauty product. I bought this because I want to get rid of my eyebags and dark circles. I hope it works! It smells like cooking oil. Hihi.

The lip balm is one of my favourites! It smells really nice, like one of the old school Filipino candies (I forgot the name). I’m not sure if it’s that good because most lip balms do not work on me so I just use petroleum jelly :p I’ll keep using it and let you know if it works :D

Darn it, I bought small ones :( If these two are good, I’m going to get bigger ones.

I want to eat it! It looks like whipped cream. Hahaha.

When I opened this, I gave it a nice, big FROWN. I got a small one (my mistake!), but it’s not completely filled. It’s probably when it was shipped… huhu.

I really need to tidy up my bathroom. Hahaha. Ooh I forgot to take a clear shot of the hand and body lotion over there. I just used it, and now I smell like strawberries <3

I want to try their mineral make-up, too- maybe someday! I’m not really a make-up person. Heh.