Need To Write More

Fall! I love Fall clothes. They’re like a combo of the vibrant and the dead. Like the season itself! I’m excited for cold weather again :) I like scarves and boots and sweaters. My birthday is coming, too!!!

I don’t know what to do on my birthday. It’s on a Tuesday, which isn’t cool because I have 2 classes that day. But then again it’s not that difficult to skip those two classes =p Last year, I think I skipped class, too. Haha! I’ll probably go and have pasta or sushi somewhere nice.

My blog is already full of wishlists, so I better not post a birthday wishlist! I should update my 2011 wishlist though. I don’t want most of them anymore

I’ve been a pretty boring blogger lately, no? I haven’t visited blogs, too. I only visit my super favourite ones nowadays. So yeah D’: Chiburger is dying noooooo!!! It’s just that I’ve been spending more time reading that writing.

I’ll think of a really fun blogging game/activity/whatever to make this blog fun again! :’3 I’ll come up with something soon.

Ticket Deals!

Wake me up when September ends! :D I can’t wait for November! I’m turning 20 soon. Bye bye teenage years. Haha. I’m excited for November because of Chuck Palahniuk too! I just hope I won’t lose my ticket to the book signing event omg. I can’t wait to see Chuck in da flesh D:

Right, about tickets! I’m writing for this music-related website (not sharing right now lol), and if I stay long enough I might be able to be given the chance to get free tickets to concerts! I will have to make a review of the concert the next day though. Fair enough! There are no opportunities like that yet though, so if I were you and I need cheap tickets like Avril Lavigne Tickets, Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets, Nassau Coliseum tickets, United Center tickets, or Madison Square Garden tickets, I would go visit Go go buy your tickets =p