Before anything else, I just want to say that my blog is almost 3 years old! Yipee! Chiburger is still and will be up for more years to come. Glad I got better web hosting now, unlike before when I had lots of downtimes (read hosting reviews and hosting news if you have time to spare)!

Btw, check out my previous post DIY Hydrating Mask! :3 Wanted to share my first tut. Heh. Not really…

What things make you nostalgic? As for me, they are old snacks and bubblegums, cartoon show opening theme songs, old songs, pictures, letters, etc.

Here are some of the songs that make me feel really nostalgic for no reason (or sometimes for many reasons!).

If by Bread. This song makes me want to tear up, but I have no idea which memory is associated with it =p

Stars by Simply Red. My family used to sing this a lot before! Lol.

FLAME OF RECCA OPENING THEME SONG. Oh gosh. I just… I just want to watch the old shows I used to watch. I swear I will one of these days! Either Flame of Recca, Ghost Fighter or Hunter X Hunter.

Hunter X Hunter opening theme ~ O M G O M G ~

Annnndd of course. The symbol of my childhood:

Did you know e-bay has listings for bazooka gums and wrappers?! Lol~

1. What makes you feel nostalgic?
2. What’s the symbol of your childhood? Lulz