What’s up?

Q: What’s up?
A: ceiling fan

Corny joke, I know :p I’m not sure if a lot of people use ceiling fans around here. I see heaters instead of fans lol. We had ceiling fans before. I used to get scared of them because I always think they might fall while I’m standing under them. Yes, I watch too much Final Destination movies.

Classrooms in the Philippines have of a lot of ceiling fans, too. Of course, lol. Schools in the Philippines should use bigger and better ones! ‘Cause most of them do not help at all, in my opinion. A lot of kids there couldn’t concentrate because of the temperature. I say schools there should just put AC in every room! That should do the trick.

But if they still do not have the budget to buy AC’s for classrooms, they should just get better ceiling fans. But the ceiling fans that I’m talking about aren’t the right ceiling fans for your classrooms. Lol.

I suggest Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans for your HOMES! Yes. That’s the right place to shop. They won’t kill you.

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Christmas LOLPIX

Tis the season to be jolly~ What’s going on, guys? LOL. Like I’m actually talking to people here, pfft. Yay for Christmas.

I spent the Christmas Eve playing a card game with cool people (whom I barely know lmao). I got 12536257 boxes of chocolates, cute pair of shoes, Adidas perfume, a bracelet (GURL U DON’T KNOW ME GURL BUT TNX), and biscuits. I’m not sure if I missed anything… but yeah. I didn’t get a lot of items. I got so much sweets this year. Wow. Why do they want to make me fatter?

By the way, I’m not complaining about the gifts. They’re all cool :)

I only bought black stockings and a Missha BB cream on Ebay as presents for myself. Cheap? Yes. But who cares? :p Anyway, look at my Christmas 2011 Lolpix below. Pics that kind of, well, failed.

1. WEEWEE PIC Weewee because WEE! It’s so tiny. Since my parents are away, we went online and tried taking snapshots from the webcam instead. When my mom uploaded it, it made me chuckle ’cause of the size.

2. PEEPEE PIC Peepee because O HAI I JUST MADE PEEPEE. My sister was taking vain mirror shots in the washroom when I suddenly went out of one of the cubicles.

I want to see everyone else’s funny Christmas pictures, too. I’m sure you have a looooot! Happy holidays (again)!

Yay Cable

Wow time flies so fast. *Yawn* Haha. It wasn’t too long ago when my family had to move to another house in UAE because of some problems with the owner. Of course, part of moving is losing the internet and cable TV for a while. My parents filed an application to this cable company in UAE. Then we waited.

They said they would call us in 2 weeks, but we waited for 2 months! Oh the horror. Really, you don’t know how it almost drove me crazy. When we try to call them, it would take hours for them to pick up the phone. That was really terrible. So yeah after 2 horrible months of waiting, the cable contractors said they’d be setting it up. We had to wait for a few more weeks after that call. Then they had to come back again because they had to do fiber optic installation and that wasn’t what they set up before. They had crappy service. Ew. That was the worst experience I ever had this 2010. :(

If you ever need a Structured Cable Contractor, try Mason247 guys ;) I’m sure they’re not horrible like the company we got cable from before.