Weekend Photos

I went to the Ships to Shore event yesterday. We weren’t really prepared to go there. After going to my job interview yesterday (yay, another interview), we went to shop for groceries then went to Steveston to see the event.

We went there late so we missed the ships (lol, the heck) and then the outdoor movie night was going to start really late so we decided we’ll just walk around to take pics and grab gelato and then go straight home.

Here are my favourite shots from yesterday!

Today, I got my very first paycheque! Huzzah! Tomorrow I’m gonna go to the bank and go shopping after class. I’m excited! Hihi. I also went to Sephora with my sister today:

I suddenly felt inspired to make a video or something. I kinda want to make something that actually teaches you stuff (a tutorial, yes), but I don’t really know what kind of tutorial to make. Any suggestions? :D Oh by the way, yes I will post a video of me ~singing~ but not now. Soon! Bwahaha. Thanks for all your comments on my previous post <3

1. What kind of video tutorial should I make? :3
2. ksfjsakdfjskdlfjsf;?

About Me: Music

I just came up with a new blogging gimmick! Hahaha! Every week, I’ll make “About Me” posts. The posts will just be basically about, well, ME (duh) and my likes and/or dislikes :3 Today it’s about music.

Warning: Full of audio/video posts! I hope you’d at least play ONE that interests you. If you don’t want to, you can choose to PRETEND THAT YOUTUBE IS NOT WORKING FOR YOU RIGHT NOW. Lol. No hate 8D I can feel ya.

I love music. I love singing. I can sing, but I’m not jaw-droppingly awesome at singing. I listen to almost all sorts of music. Pop, hip-hop, rock, jazz, anti-folk, bluegrass, alternative, Gospel, Asian, American, Filipino, etc! I’ll just talk about my favourites though.

My favourite genres of music include punk rock, alternative, Korean pop/rock (!!!),… and some other genres that I don’t even know what to call. Here are my current favourites:

1.) SHINee – Replay (JAPANESE!!! Pop music video… cause it’s the Japanese version lmao)

2.) Hot Potato – Rain Tears (Korean rock music video)

3.) Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down (semi-creepy stuff, music video)

4.) Regina Spektor – Love, You’re a Wh0re [live] (awesome “country” stuff, AUDIO)

5.) Regina Spektor – Your Honor (Super awesome stuff , skip the whisper part when you can lol. CURRENT FAVE SONG)

6.) Zooey Deschanel – Sugartown (Zooey’s cover of ze old song, so cute! Audio)

7.) Regina Spektor & Sondre Lerche – Hell No (wait, I think this is my real current fave song!)


There you go! Questions for you!

1. What are your current favourite songs? (=^_^=)v
2. Do you want to hear me sing? =p hahaha